IMMEDIATE NEED: Our biggest volunteer need is always for VOLUNTEER DRIVERS. Rides for members make up over 85% of all requests. If you’re interested and available, read on and complete the application process!

Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Capital City Village Volunteer. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we love them! You can complete the application online now OR download the volunteer application and email it to info@capitalcityvillage.org!

How it works
CCV employs a “volunteer-first” policy, finding a qualified volunteer to fulfill a request before contacting a commercial vendor. However, volunteer service at Capital City Village should not become a burden. Volunteers may serve on a regular or periodic basis. Volunteers should feel free to accept or decline assignments, depending on their preferences, schedules, and commitments. If a volunteer task is not right for you, “just say no.” We’ll thank you and turn to another volunteer for help.

Please review the list below to see if you would like to become a CCV Volunteer. Contact us via email or by phone at (512) 524-2709 to talk about the Volunteer Program. You can complete the application online now OR download the volunteer application and email it to info@capitalcityvillage.org!

Online Volunteer Application

Download the Volunteer Application

Volunteer Areas
– Transportation
– In-home assistance
– Light home maintenance
– Electronic assistance
– Gardening advice and help
– Medical advocacy
– Social events planning
– Educational programs
– Writing and editing
– Office support (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPress)
– Suggest a field!

Goals of the Volunteer Program
* To support the mission of Capital City Village by providing effective and quality services;
* To ensure volunteers have a pleasant and rewarding service experience;
* To nurture and build community by developing ties to other Capital City Village members and volunteers;
* To provide opportunities for new friendships to develop among volunteers and members as they participate in social programs, share experiences, and discover mutual interests.

General Expectations
Volunteers should adhere to the rules and policies of the Volunteer Manual. Working closely with the Executive Director, volunteers are expected to:
* decline any gifts or tips that may be offered
* attend orientation and training sessions
* consult with the coordinator or office staff before assuming new responsibilities
* be prompt and reliable in reporting for duty
* notify the Village office as soon as possible when unable to report for a scheduled assignment
* complete Volunteer Service Reports
* protect confidential information
* exercise good judgment
* treat members and other volunteers with respect

Privacy and Confidentiality
Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves a CCV member or another volunteer. Such information should not be shared outside the organization during informal conversations with friends.

Capital City Village invites all adult residents of the Austin community who share our belief in the mission of this nonprofit, aging-in-place organization to serve as volunteers. Many CCV members are also volunteers, but it is not necessary to become a member in order to serve, and we are very happy to have a number of young people among our volunteers. Interested persons are encouraged to call the office to discuss volunteering.

Background Checks
All CCV volunteers must pass an official “background check.” Drivers will be asked to give permission for a check of motor vehicle records, and volunteers who refuse permission for these checks will not be asked to provide transportation services to members. The resulting reports are maintained at the CCV office.

Volunteer Drivers
Volunteer drivers use their own insurance coverage when driving their own automobiles. Gas and mileage are deductible charitable contributions for income tax purposes. Parking fees that may be incurred should be paid by the member. Volunteer drivers must complete a training session hosted by CCV.