Check out some of these helpful resources for seniors, created outside of Capital City Village.

Start a Village
Contact Village to Village Network to learn more.
CCV is also available for consultation on starting a Village, at the rate of $50/hour.

Kitchen or House Fire Safety Plan
Our member Henry McCown believes every home should have its own fire plan. He’s created a simple plan to cover several contingencies.

Estate Planning Questions Worksheet
Copyright by Susan Skaggs
This guide will help you and your family sort out important details on your estate, which often get left to the last minute.

The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers
“For anyone with the responsibility of caring for a sick of disabled parent, this clear-eyed guide will be of real assistance….Jacobs’s frankness about the emotional as well as medical traps that await families dealing with serious illness, and his concrete advice on how to handle them, offers in-depth support to caregivers.”–Publishers Weekly

Well Spouse® Association members speak out on their own caregiving situations, giving you a window into the special, not-so-well-known world of the more than 4 million spousal caregivers in America and many more around the world.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s® Capital of Texas Chapter
The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

Our friends at At Home Chesapeake have developed a “Bumps in the Road Plan” and “Master Aging Plan” to help have the difficult conversations and plan for the future.
Creating Your Own Master Aging Plan Overview 19 November 2011
Bump In the Road Checklist 3 Dec 2012
Answering the Hard Questions 16 November 2011
Having the Hard Discussions, Aging in Your Own Home 1 Dec 2012

AGE of Central Texas
Mission: “Empowering caregivers, the elderly and their families through education, advocacy, resources and support.”
Peer-based computer classes for seniors/AGE Computer Lab

Safe Medicine Use Information:
Educate Before You Medicate
Be MedWise
The STAMP Out Prescription Drug Misuse & Abuse! Tool Kit
Medicines in My Home

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