Service Providers

Service Providers for Capital City Village Members

To live well at home can often mean that goods and services must be brought to the doorstep. Capital City Village provides a consultation telephone line at (512) 524-2709 to members on how they can find providers available for a variety of projects, services and tasks. In some cases, a volunteer can help replace light bulbs, provide a ride or correct a minor computer problem at no charge to the member. But when something more complicated is needed, or requires the services of a licensed professional, CCV maintains a list of vendors exclusive to CCV members, many of whom also provide discounts especially for CCV member.

When a member calls to explain their need, the CCV staff works to arrange a solution by giving a name, contact information and range of abilities for the need, and will often provide up to 3 provider options. The member must do the scheduling for a home or office visit, and will also arrange payment directly with the provider.

Our Providers range across a variety of fields, and include the following categories READ THE FULL LIST OF PROVIDER CATEGORIES HERE:
air conditioning
carpet cleaning
general cleaning
computer help
moving companies and downsizing advisors
pest control
real estate
reverse mortgages
security systems
information services and direct referrals
tree removal and landscaping

We are always seeking and adding new providers, so please contact the office at (512) 524-2709 to learn more, or send the Provider Application Form directly to your prospect.

After the Service is Completed
After the service has been completed, CCV contacts the member to discuss the service, and the member is asked to complete a survey. The results are closely reported and monitored for future use in maintaining the provider list.

Have you used a Service Provider recently? Please complete this brief survey on your experience.

Capital City Village welcomes merchants and service providers who wish to join the list. Those on the list have often come to CCV as a direct recommendation from a member who has used the service. If you are interested in becoming a provider, please complete and send this Provider Application Form, fax it to (512) 524-2792 or email it to Your application will then be vetted by the Service Provider Committee and you will be contacted further.