Become a Member

Become a Member
If you’re interested in becoming a member of Capital City Village, read on! Or email us or call us with any questions at (512) 524-2709. Membership levels range from $100/$150 to $600/$800 annually for the individual/household, and there are even tax-deductible memberships available. Read the full list of membership levels and benefits here. These are annual fees with no hidden or additional costs!


Why Join?
For each member, the needs are different. Some have joined to help others, and to ensure that this village will be here when they need it. Others have joined because of an immediate need for services or healthy activities. Many have joined for the social interaction that comes with coffees, cultural activities and educational programs. Visit us at an event to learn more and get to know us!

Planning Ahead
Whatever your need to live independently, Capital City Village is here for you. Give your children and relatives peace of mind and join today, even if you “don’t need it yet.” Think of it as an insurance policy for your future, even if that future comes suddenly, in the form of a broken arm or unforeseen surgery. CCV will be here to drive you to the grocery store or doctor’s appointment when you can’t do it yourself. Even if you just need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

Villages are Grassroots, Membership Organizations
“Villages are designed at the local level by people who want to create better ways to take care of themselves. They are designed by and for all people over 50 years of age: not just the frail, the very old, the poor, or the very rich but all of us. We believe that we all need a little help now and then, and as we age, we will probably need more help.”
–Beacon Hill Village

Membership Benefits
Volunteers are available for household tasks such as changing an out-of-reach light bulb, occasionally walking the dog, hanging a picture, helping with a computer, transportation to doctor and grocery store, organizing bills and payments. Our list is not complete, and will grow as member needs arise.

Service Providers
CCV has developed an extensive list of providers such as electricians, plumbers, professional organizers, financial managers, home health care companies and more. These providers often give some sort of discount to CCV members.

Programs and Activities
Most programs and activities are free to members, unless it involves an outside event such as a concert, movie, or a meal. Every first Thursday is dedicated to Happy Hour; second Thursday is 2nd Cup at Russells Bistro where we go to talk, answer questions, and share information; monthly Meet and Greets with special programs keep you in touch with CCV and important and fun topics. CCV offers healthy activities including a walking group and yoga classes, and our Conversations with… Austin notable individuals speaking to our group, usually in someone’s home.

Membership Levels
Read the full list of membership levels here. Our membership levels are based on income and aligned with federal poverty levels. We offer autopay, payment plans and more.