About Us

About Us: Capital City Village

Capital City Village is an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to helping seniors stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible, a concept called aging in place and community. We achieve this mission through volunteers, providers and programs.

Vision Statement
A community of seniors creating a virtual village to enable aging in place with dignity, health, fun and social interaction.

Member Services
The benefits of membership to Capital City Village include VOLUNTEERS, PROVIDERS AND PROGRAMS. CCV Volunteers are ready to help with transportation, errands and companionship; CCV Providers are ready to help with professional projects and services like roofing, plumbing and home healthcare–all licensed professionals who often offer discounts to CCV Members; and CCV Programs which are free or low-cost and designed to keep members connected to all Austin has to offer, from educational to cultural to healthy outings and events.

The Virtual Village and Aging in Place and Community
The members and volunteers of Capital City Village, a “virtual” village, have joined together in pursuit of a common goal – to live safely and comfortably in our own homes and communities while remaining healthy and active. We are building a community of helpers who aren’t necessarily your friends or relatives, whom you don’t mind calling because they are your fellow members and you’re not “putting them out.”

Why Join?
For each member, the needs are different. Some have joined to help others, and to ensure that this village will be here when they need it. Others have joined because of an immediate need for services or healthy activities. Many have joined for the social interaction that comes with coffees, cultural activities and educational programs. Read the full list of membership levels and benefits here. Join us at an event to learn more and get to know us!

Planning Ahead
Whatever you need to live independently, Capital City Village is here for you. Give your children and relatives peace of mind and join today, even if you “don’t need it yet.” Think of it as an insurance policy for your future, even if that future comes suddenly, in the form of a broken arm or unforeseen surgery. CCV will be here to drive you to the grocery store or doctor’s appointment when you can’t do it yourself. Even if you just need someone to talk to, we are here for you. Join us at an event to learn more and get to know us!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Mission Statement
To create a community of members, volunteers and services to provide participating seniors the help and information they need to successfully age in place.


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NORCs–Naturally Ocurring Retirement Communities is a demographic term to describe neighborhoods or buildings in which a large segment of the residents are older adults–places where community residents have either aged in place, having lived in their homes over several decades, or are the result of significant migrations of older adults into the same housing constructs or neighborhoods, where they intend to spend the rest of their lives.

Cambridge at Home is open to any Cambridge resident aged 50 or over. The annual membership fee is $1,200 for couples (equivalent to $100 per month) and $900 for single members (equivalent to $75 per month). Membership includes CAH-provided Basic Services, Discounted Rates on other services, and access to CAH-vetted providers for additional Fee-Based Services. Services performed by other providers will be billed directly to the member.

The Village: A Growing Option for Aging in Place— a review by AARP of the village model as exemplified by Beacon Hill Village and Cambridge at Home.

Village to Village Network–The Village to Village (VtV) Network is a national peer to peer network to help communities establish and continuously improve management of their own villages whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns, or suburban settings alike.