About the Village Movement


Why It Can Take a Village to Care for a Retiree

Minneapolis ‘Village’ Gives Seniors A Reliable Community

Village to Village Network–The Village to Village (VtV) Network is a national peer to peer network to help communities establish and continuously improve management of their own villages whether in large metropolitan areas, rural towns, or suburban settings alike.

Virtual Retirement Villages Let Older Americans Age in Place

The Rise of Virtual Retirement Villages

There’s No Place Like Home from PBS Newshour

Judy Willett: It Takes Villages at TED

Frontotemporal Dementia: A New Issue Facing The Retired Community

U.S. News Article: “How “aging-in-place” villages have matured”

Austin Business Journal 2011

AARP on the Village Movement

Beacon Hill Village NYT– A 2006 article describing the origin and nature of the Beacon Hill Village concept in the New York Times.

Village groups— ‘Village’ groups help seniors remain in their homes as they grow older– A February 9, 2010 article in the Washington Post about Village startups, a listing of problems encountered along the way and a description of the three directions to which the groups tend to evolve as they mature.

Beacon Hill Village Video–A video produced by AARP elaborating on the Beacon Hill Village Concept.

NORCs–Naturally Ocurring Retirement Communities is a demographic term to describe neighborhoods or buildings in which a large segment of the residents are older adults–places where community residents have either aged in place, having lived in their homes over several decades, or are the result of significant migrations of older adults into the same housing constructs or neighborhoods, where they intend to spend the rest of their lives.

Cambridge at Home is open to any Cambridge resident aged 50 or over. The annual membership fee is $1,200 for couples (equivalent to $100 per month) and $900 for single members (equivalent to $75 per month). Membership includes CAH-provided Basic Services, Discounted Rates on other services, and access to CAH-vetted providers for additional Fee-Based Services. Services performed by other providers will be billed directly to the member.

The Village: A Growing Option for Aging in Place— a review by AARP of the village model as exemplified by Beacon Hill Village and Cambridge at Home.