North Meets South Luncheon

North Meets South Luncheon

North Meets South
by Tom Knutsen

While the University of Texas was dithering about what to do with its statues of dead Confederate leaders, Capital City Village demonstrated the benefits of reaching out and joining South and North. We celebrated our first “North-South” group luncheon on Wednesday, September 9. About 25 members from both sides of the Colorado River gathered at a choice, neutral spot, Abel’s on the Lake.

What a splendid site for a party! The restaurant reserved its top floor party area, giving us a captivating view of Austin from just 100 yards upstream from Tom Miller Dam.

Determined to make us reach out to strangers, Bonnie Gilson, our savvy executive director, set up a simple parlor game. When each Villager signed in, she put a Post-It note on the person’s back with the name of some famous person. The challenge was to introduce yourself to someone you didn’t know, and each of you tried to guess the identity of the name on your back. All questions had to be posed for a “yes” or “no” answer. “Am I still alive,” was the usual starter. It was totally fun, even for Rick Cloud who needed only five questions to learn his patch carried “FDR.”

CCV staff had negotiated a prix-fixe menu with three choices, fish, chicken, vegetarian, all with Abel’s creative seasonings and presentation. The food was good, and not too much.

Let’s do this again. Given Austin’s afternoon traffic, when “rush hour” lasts from 3 to 7 p.m., lunches are a good way to get together.