CCV Expands Membership at Second JCC Open House (7/8/15)

CCV Expands Membership at Second JCC Open House (7/8/15)

CCV Expands Membership at Second JCC Open House
by Tom Knutsen
July 8, 2015

One more Capital City Village open house, two more members. On the last day of June, the Dell Jewish Community Center and WellMed partnered with CCV to sponsor an open house in the JCC’s meeting room. It was the second time the JCC has opened itself to CCV, the first was in December.

Despite a sudden and sustained late afternoon downpour, 21 people including nine first-time visitors showed up for the information session. Following a half-hour social hour where CCV members greeted guests, the center’s program coordinator, Annie Skelton, kicked off the program, welcoming all to the JCC. She introduced Executive Director Bonnie Gilson, who explained the purpose of CCV and then illustrated it by showing the CBS video about aging the Village Movement.

Next was a great surprise. George Mading, who joined CCV after the South Austin Open House in May, stood up saying he wanted to speak. “I didn’t clear this with Bonnie,” he began. George went to say that he is a profession skeptic — he is a retired fraud investigator for the Internal Revenue Service. When his wife, Betty, told him about CCV, he said he was deeply suspicious of its intent. Having looked into it, though, he stated the organization truly helps people and he is glad he joined.

“He is going to be helping us with our background checks,” quipped Bonnie.

Former president Sue Hoffman and then current president Kay McHorse detailed the development of the village movement and creation of the virtual community here in Austin.

Once the formal presentation ended, Sam and Beth Williams joined on the spot. Several other visitors asked for the flyers explaining membership costs and benefits.

A useful note is that two visitors said they heard about Capital City Village on KMFA! Our advertising works!