CCV Expanded Southward with an Open House at WellMed

CCV Expanded Southward with an Open House at WellMed

CCV Expanded Southward with an Open House at WellMed
by Tom Knutsen
June 8, 2015

Capital City Village welcomed June with three new memberships drawn from the crowd attending its Open House at WellMed’s Senior Center on Ben White. It was CCV’s first foray into South Austin, and, owing to terrific organization and planning by members and volunteers, it was a great success: Two new memberships on-site, the third less than a week later.

More than 50 visitors attended on Friday, May 29, for an afternoon of socializing, refreshments, and a formal presentation about CCV. The event was slated to open at 1:30 p.m., but folks had begun arriving before 1 p.m., waiting for the CCV ambassadors who were to supposed to greet them!

After half an hour of informal conversations among the visitors and CCV members, all gathered in an exercise room for an information program. Executive Director Bonnie Gilson began by talking generally about CCV and showing the short video telling our story. Former president Sue Hoffman related the evolution of the “village movement,” beginning with the first group in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. They were the cake to durable, comical Stan Brooks, who told the group about how much help he received from CCV when he broke his femur two years ago.

Bonnie closed with an explanation of the membership fee structure, emphasizing the discounts CCV offered for the event: $50 off the initial joining fee for full price memberships, and 10 percent discounts on all other memberships until June 12.

Visitors then began asking questions, focusing on the cost, but some also asking about benefits. Soon the assembly broke into small groups where CCV members asked and answered questions about the organization. To enable sign-ups, Development Director Susannah Erler moved into a private area where she could discuss membership with those wanting more information. She remained busy past 4 p.m., the time the event was to close.

The South Austin Open House was the brainchild of member Joanne O’Neill, who helped with arrangements with WellMed and called on friends from the area. Helping her were volunteers Pam and Joe Farley, South Austinites who invited their friends and neighbors. Thanks also to member LK Keeling for her work.