Arthritis Walk Draws Community to Find a Cure (4/27/15)

Arthritis Walk Draws Community to Find a Cure (4/27/15)

Thanks to everyone who participated on the CCV Walking Team, sponsored by The McHorses. Check out the great pics on Facebook!

Many thanks to our volunteer Chammi for these shots from the Arthritis Walk. We LOVE our volunteers!

Posted by Capital City Village on Monday, April 27, 2015

Check out a recent article on KXAN about it:
“AUSTIN (KXAN) — They call it the silent suffering. Arthritis may be thought of as an old person’s affliction but that’s wrong. It can afflict men, women and children of all ages. A painful inflammation of the joints, with 100 varieties, there is no cure. 340,000 Central Texans suffer from arthritis, and 2,300 of them are children. It is the most disabling disease in America. Thousands on Saturday joined in the Walk to Cure Arthritis sponsored by the Seton Healthcare Family.”
Read the full article.

CCV Featured in the Allandale Neighbor (4/30/15)

We were recently featured in the Allandale Neighbor, the official newsletter of the Allandale Neighborhood.

Here’s an excerpt:
Capital City Village
“Keep Aging Weird” in Austin
by Ericca Long
Austin faces a unique challenge: the highest growing rate of seniors, ages 65–84, and a fast-growing population over 50 . With this “silver tsunami” comes the opportunity to significantly change outmoded concepts about aging and what senior populations are “supposed to” look like. Whether seniors are healthy and active or have ongoing medical issues, no one living situation fits all . And as our senior services sector expands across govern- ment, nonprofits, and businesses, Austi- nites have more choices. One choice is
“aging in place.” Check out the full feature here.