CBS Sunday Morning Feature on Villages (10/19/14)

CBS Sunday Morning Feature on Villages (10/19/14)

CBS Sunday Morning recently featured the Village Movement in their piece on “Aging in America: Stuck in the Middle.”

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“Senior citizens whose finances fall IN THE MIDDLE — not rich, not poor — can find themselves in a real bind if they need home care. And their loved ones can find themselves caught in the middle as well. Our Cover Story is reported now by Rita Braver:

“This is my calm before the storm,” said Kathy Warren, as she sat at her kitchen table doing a puzzle. “It kind of centers me.””

Scamming seniors (10/2/14)

Scamming seniors, an ongoing problem
by Arnie Orange, CCV member and volunteer
October 2, 2014

Vulnerability to scams is a problem for everyone, but probably more so for seniors. As we age the “vultures” sense that our defenses may be lowered as memories and cognitive skills change, and gather around for the kill. However, defense is relatively straight forward if we follow a few simple rules:
• If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We’ve all heard this many times, and it’s still true.
• Never ever give your social security number, account numbers, passwords; in other words any personal information, over the phone or to someone who comes to the door. Businesses, banks, the feds, etc, never ask for this sort of info other than through known and protected web sites and with an explanation that makes sense. Remember that ID’s and badges can be easily faked.
• Beware of phone calls alleging to be federal or state agents, in particular if they want to give you money. Officials don’t do this. Checks are sent through the mail, or by direct deposit if requested. Of course be aware of anyone who claims that you owe them money.
• Do not let strangers into your home, no matter what the sweet-talker says. If you do feel that a caller may be legitimate and you do want to arrange a visit, it is always best to not be alone. Call Bonnie and ask for a volunteer to stand by.
• If you do invite a visit, first thing take a photo of the individual or individuals with your phone. Tell them that it is for yours and their protection. If they object, throw them out or call 911. If you feel threatened don’t hesitate to call 911. The cops will tell you to err on the side of caution. Saves on the paperwork that way…
• Please let us know of attempted scams so that we can spread the warning word.

Yes, you’ve heard all of this before. But, you’d be shocked at the number of well-informed people who continue to fall prey!

by Arnie Orange, member and volunteer