Raina Rose House Concert

Raina Rose House Concert

Raina Rose
CCV House Concert, Sunday, September 7, 2014
by Tom Knutsen

Just as singer-songwriter Raina Rose finished her song “Let Me Down Easy,” Capital City Villager Rachel Flake said, “That should be our theme song.”

Raina and her husband, Andrew Pressman, entertained 25 CCV members on Sunday, September 7 at the home of Barbara and David Gamble. It was our fourth house concert, and we were treated to an insightful lyric poet who sets her poetry to song. Accompanied on the bass by Andrew, Raina balanced her guitar on her eight-month pregnant belly as she sang.

“The baby kicks when I play the guitar,” she said. Yes, we all laughed. She held her audience with her writing/singing. Her first song “Swing Wide the Gates,” she told us was inspired while she sat on her Austin home’s front porch enjoying the wildflowers in the yard. Its refrain is hard to let go: “Man is born to cry, man is born to sin, Swing the gate wide open and come back in.”

Her family is her favorite topic. Talking about her son, Emmett, Raina said, “Seeing him is like seeing your heart run around outside your body.” After he was born, she said she and Andrew resumed performing road shows, traveling from place to place. Once Emmett got a little over one, he expressed his dislike of riding in the car so long, “and besides, you probably shouldn’t be driving your one-year-old to a bar. He got kicked out of the Saxon Pub once,” she said. She explained that after their early performance, the Pub’s operators suggested they take the baby home.

Raina and Andrew sang and played for about 40 minutes then took a break. The CCVillagers, who had had light cheese and vegetable snacks before the show, took advantage of the desserts volunteer Phyllis Waddle set out. Some chatted with Raina and Andrew as we enjoyed a 20-minute social break.

We had learned at the beginning of the program that Raina and Andrew are friends of CCV Member and Public Relations Director Ericca Long’s husband, Cole Roulain. Cole, another singer/songwriter, introduced his friends.

Raina gave us a lesson on the discipline of song writing. One time while traveling, she said, she took on the challenge with thirteen other women song writers to write a song from a one-word prompt. She said the day she was to marry, the word was “sorrow,” so she took a pass on that. She said she like the project because for its discipline. One writer she knows wrote a song every week for 35 years.

Once again, the CCV program planners brought us something new and different, one of the many advantages of membership.