What Does Membership Mean to You?

What Does Membership Mean to You?

Helping Members One Volunteer, One Provider, and One Service at a Time
From Ericca Long, Member and Public Relations Director
July 15, 2013
Contributed by Tom Knutsen and Stan Brooks

Capital City Village member Stan Brooks

I want to share an incredible member, volunteer and provider story with you (big thanks to Tom Knutsen for writing this story and Stan Brooks for extra contributions), and with all of Austin. If you agree that membership to CCV is invaluable, and well worth the cost, please share this story, and your own member story with your friends and loved ones. Email me too!

You may recall Capital City Village member Stan Brooks’ kind “thank you” note to CCV in the mid-May newsletter. Stan had broken his femur in March and was heading home after treatment and rehabilitation work when CCV members and vetted providers of home health equipment stepped in to make his house safe during recovery.

“It was all set up for me when I got back home,” said Stan recently. He was pleased, he said, “with being able to walk around the house without walking into furniture.”

While Stan was in rehabilitation, Stan’s neighbor, Mart Hoffman, went to his house with provider Steve Chodorow to evaluate its set up to determine the products Stan would need so he could live independently while using a walker. Steve, who owns Assistive Devices, Inc, gave Stan a catalogue of products he recommended for safety and ease of access. Steve also identified the potential hazards in pathways through Stan’s house, particularly sharp-edged furniture and rugs in or near normal pathways.

“I wanted to make sure Stan could get from the garage to the kitchen, through the den, to his bedroom safely on a walker,” said Steve.

In addition, member Drew Sawyer coordinated procuring the walker and an electric lift chair for Stan from Durable Medical Equipment’s owner, Brent Bradford, also an approved CCV provider.

CCV Members Barbara and David Gamble and Sue Hoffman brought meals and shopped for groceries in order to “keep his larder and his stomach full,” Stan adds. Mart and other CCV members moved furniture and rugs to clear the paths through the house.

Ultimately, Steve installed a ramp leading from the garage over a step into the kitchen and raised toilet seats with safety handles. A special feature that Stan said he liked was a bench with a sliding seat that straddles the bathtub edge, because “it allowed me to bathe without being in danger, I was able to get in and out safely.”

Stan now is using a walk-in shower, equipped with professionally installed grab bars, also from Steve’s ADI.

The lesson for CCV members is that when we need help, a telephone call to the CCV office can lead to assistance not only from other members but also from businesses we’ve recommended to the Provider Committee. When you’ve had success with a CCV provider, please let Bonnie Gilson or Ericca Long know so others can benefit when they have a need.